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Multicultural Playgroup

“Ichigo Ichie”



This is a playgroup for foreign and Japanese families who are raising children in southern Kyoto prefecture and northern Nara prefecture*. Come meet families raising children who live in this area!

We will have various workshops, talking about parenting, information exchange, etc.

Meetings will be held in simple Japanese, and English if needed.

Come and join us to expand your circle of friends with your children!




Date: Mainly on Sunday morning
 (Once every two months, about six times a year)


Place: Seika Town Hall, Exchange Hall (2nd floor), or other venues


Fee: 100 yen per adult (Free for children & Seika Global Net members)


See our blog for details of date, place, program, and application.


 *It’s supported by Seika Town since 2016.


​☆Multicultural Playgroup “Ichigo Ichie” flyer link

Ichigo Ichie Foreigner Support (Information counter)


We support the well-being and parenting of foreign residents who live in southern Kyoto prefecture and Northern Nara prefecture*.

If you need some help or information, please feel free to contact us via LINE OpenChat, e-mail, Facebook, and Instagram in Japanese, English, or Chinese! It's for free!


*Seika Town, Kizugawa City, Kyotanabe City, Joyo City, Nara City and Ikoma City, etc.


●LINE OpenChat (聊天群) “いちごいちえ がいこくじんサポート Ichigo Ichie Foreigner Support“

This is the support chat for foreign residents in the southern Kyoto prefecture and northern Nara prefecture*.

Let’s share information with each other about life, parenting, and events in this area! If you have any trouble or need information, why don’t you ask members who live close by in Japanese, English, or Chinese? Come and join us!




  • Please join our LINE OpenChat from the URL below.
*If the link doesn't work, please try QR code.

  • LINE OpenChat is a group function that enables users to join anonymously and have group chats with other users who are not connected personally in LINE. The system doesn’t allow members to contact other users personally, so you can protect your privacy. Click the link for details.

  • This OpenChat is run by members of Seika Global Network Multicultural Playgroup "Ichigo Ichie".

●Other Information Counter 其他咨询窗口 (E-mail, Facebook, Instagram)


This is the online information counter for foreign residents in the southern Kyoto prefecture and northern Nara prefecture*.

You may ask the support volunteer staff for advice via Ichigo Ichie e-mail, or Facebook/Instagram direct message. If you have any trouble or need information, please feel free to contact us in Japanese, English, or Chinese!


Ichigo Ichie Foreigner Support flyer link

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