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Useful Websites on Living Information and Japanese Learning


Town/City Homepage



Medical Support

A questionnaire offered in several languages to assist foreigners in explaining their injuries and symptoms of illness in to doctors and other medical personnel.

Charts and videos in 7 languages to explain the system and service for delivery, parenting and school enrollment in Japan.


It covers major topics about childbirth, parenting, culture and the system of hospitals in Japan in several languages for people from other countries who are having and have had babies in Japan.


Life Support


Information about daily life necessary for foreigners to live in Japan is included on this homepage in several languages.



Guidance on Japanese school life in several languages for foreign parents and guardians.

For those parents who have come from overseas, your native language is the most precious thing you can give your child.


Hiragana cooking Recipe site for foreign people.


The rules for riding bicycles in Japan are explained in several languages.


           Information about studying in Kyoto and life in seven language.

           Lots of magazines on different topics.

Japanese Learning


A portal site to introducing all kinds of websites and online tools useful for studying Japanese.


You can read, listen to audio and watch videos of the most recent news in simple Japanese.


A reading support tool which shows you how to read - and the meaning of - Japanese words that use kanji.


A reading support system for learners of Japanese, made up of several useful items, with a dictionary tool as the key component.


Enter the URL of a Japanese website and you can have furigana attached to the kanji text of all pages.

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